19 July, 2011

Harland Clarke Gift Card - Login at Harlandclarkegiftcard.com

Harland Clarke Gift card is one of the favorite gifts card to the customers. The user of the card can use the card at a wide variety of locations, including restaurants and entertainment venues. Gift Cards can be used in stores, online. www.harlandclarkegiftcard.com is the website of Harland Clarke Gift Card Online. This website also provides the facilities to log in Harland Clarke Gift Card users to their account online. This website gives login opportunities to the users. If you are a Harland Clarke Gift Card user, you can login your account online.

To log in your Harland Clarke gift card account, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the website of Harland Clarke Gift card.
  2. In login area, (Top right) put your Card number (16 digit number).
  3. Then Put 3-Digit Code (3 digit code is last 3 digits of your card number that exists in back side of your card).
  4. Then Put Last 4 Digits of your Phone number.
  5. Finally, Click Login

You are done, now you can perform your online activity of Harland Clarke Gift Card.


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